Providing Custom Analytic Services to Jails for Over a Decade

For more than a decade, Looking Glass Analytics has provided a range of analytic products and consulting services that help city, county, and regional jails bridge the gap between their need for information and their ability to produce it efficiently. We add value to the volumes of administrative data jails collect to improve jail management, inform policy decisions, accomplish complex billing and accounting, comply with state and federal reporting requirements (e.g. SCAAP, Census counts, etc.), forecast future inmate populations, and meet a myriad of other needs. The types of services we provide include:

  1. Automated functions such as data processing, billing services, and routine management reporting
  2. On-line analytic tools for report generation and data query,
  3. Ad hoc analytic and research support including quick-turnaround information requests, small research studies, and inmate surveys, and,
  4. - a new sophisticated on-line jail population forecasting and tracking tool provides an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive tool for creating monthly jail inmate population forecasts for Jail Admissions, Average Daily Population (ADP), and Average Length of Stay (ALOS). Combining statistical trends from previous time periods with input from local experts, users create forecasts for a number of unique jail sub-populations. This way, local knowledge of future or past policy impacts can be used to modify a purely statistical result when appropriate. Forecast results for each of these sub-populations can be evaluated, reviewed, and updated independently anytime and flexibly rolled up into larger aggregate totals. Sub-populations can represent one or more demographic and/or status groups such as sex, age, charge type (e.g. misdemeanant/felon), sentence status (pretrial, sentenced), classification, custody (secure, other), etc. Regular data updates of actual admissions, ADP, and ALOS numbers are tracked against the forecasts. Find out more at

Steps to create a forecast:

  1. Upload historical admissions/release records (ADP, ALOS are calculated automatically)
  2. Set and save forecast assumptions for each subgroup
  3. Evaluate and use subgroup and aggregate forecasts

Steps to track new data against an existing forecast:

  1. Upload new jail admissions/release records periodically to track against forecast
  2. Revise forecast assumptions when new policy or other impacts are identified

Automated Data Processing and Reporting

Acquisition of data extracts of booking, charge, classification, housing, billing, phone, and/or other jail management data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis allow us to provide highly customized sets of management reports delivered electronically (e-mail, web site updates, etc.) to any number of constituents or stakeholders.

Cloud Computing Advantage

In addition to our product, we host interactive analytic tools that allow jail staff or other stakeholders to conduct ad hoc analyses or generate pre-formatted reports updated with the latest data. Our use of the “Cloud” allows us to offer these tools via the Internet as “zero-footprint” computing services, removing nearly all the burden from the IT staff of providing analytic programming and infrastructure support. IT folks often have their hands full already maintaining the jail management and other systems.

Sample Analytic Topics & Tools

Automate complex billing rules and deliver invoices
Booking, Average Daily Population (ADP), and Average Length of Stay (ALOS) summaries
Frequent Flyer Analyses
Jail Population Forecasting
Inmate Census
Pharmacy Rosters
Housing History including Cellmate Lookup
State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP)
Contract bed statistics
Arresting agency reports
Classification analyses
FTA, DV, Drug, and other charge-specific issues

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