Law Enforcement

Two larger projects invloving local, state, and/or federal law enforcement agencies include:

GEMS.  The Geographic Enforcement Management Service (GEMS™) is a fast, interactive, web application designed to assist those responsible for enforcing the laws that control the sale and service of alcoholic beverages.  It provides computer mapping, business analytics, and management reporting using an intuitive map-based interface to guide users to information they need. Data from state liquor control agencies and local law enforcement were acquired to support the tool.  Learn more at

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN).  Initiated during the GW Bush administration, PSN was a federally funded effort to reduce gun crime through increased prosecution and stricter sentencing.  PSN funding flowed locally to support U.S. Attorney jurisdictions across the country to best address local issues related to gun crime.  LGAN was selected as PSN Research Partner for the US Attorney Districts of Western Washington and Guam.  As research partner, we assisted a multi-agency task force consisting of representatives of law enforcement, prosecution, and corrections by using data to help define the gun crime problem, suggesting possible interventions, and evaluating the outcome of those interventions.  LGAN also delivered an analytic tool that acquired, processed, and provided access to statistics related to gun crime in police and sheriff’s jurisdictions across Washington State.  Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data were acquired from the Washington Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Association to support the web-based tool.

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