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One example of an online tool is the state-of-the-art Geographic Enforcement Management Service (GEMS™). While GEMS™ supports liquor law enforcement, the application can be modified to support other licensing or enforcement domains, such as tobacco, health inspections, medical licensing, etc.


GEMS™ was designed and developed to support state alcohol and beverage control agencies and local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to conduct inspections and investigation of retail liquor businesses. Breaking ground on many fronts, the GEMS™ platform delivered seamless integration of multiple periodic data feeds into one stop data presentations and deployed a number of innovative interactive components during the development of the system including:

  • A dashboard of "widgets" offering "Top Ten" lists of liquor licensees with the most liquor-law complaints and violations, alcohol sales, police dispatches, and other measures configurable for each user by geography, time, and other data filters
  • Licensee-specific lists of liquor control visits and violations, police calls-for-service, and reported sales taxes
  • Map interface layer where quantitative data, such as liquor control officer visits, police calls-for-service, or alcoholic beverage sales at a particular licensee, are overlaid on familiar internet base maps from Microsoft Bing Maps.
  • Pop-up map legends that allow users to turn on/off certain map levels (i.e. only show the liquor retailers who have not been visited this year) or filter the data to be mapped for specific date ranges, data values, etc.
  • A dynamic grid layer that helps users visualize patterns in data density. In GEMS-A, this visualization shows concentration of licensees and police calls-for-service. The amount of area covered by the grid cell varies depending on how far in or out the user has zoomed allowing map pattern to be evaluated at any geographic scale.

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In-house GIS Technology

We have expertise in several GIS web services API environments and their collection of API modules, most prominently those associated with Bing! Maps web application development. We also maintain a full suite of ESRI Arc/Info-ArcGIS software licenses on site and licenses for other supporting products including MapInfo desktop GIS, SAS, SQL Server, etc.

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