At Looking Glass Analytics, we are tireless advocates of assembling and analyzing data to drive decision-making, monitor performance, and communicate outcomes.  We earn our living by providing interactive, automated, and ad hoc analytic and business intelligence solutions to a wide array of public sector and business clients. These solutions include:

Mirror Mirror On Demand™ Interactive Web Services

As the demand for immediate access to actionable information has escalated, we have parlayed our expertise in research and technology into interactive web services that deliver business intelligence enterprise-wide via hosted analytic web services.

Advanced Data Processing

Looking Glass Analytics carries out data processing projects across a variety of different platforms, programming languages, and database systems. Our technical staff have decades of experience in application development and database design and management. As a SAS-Certified Alliance Partner, we maintain a particularly high-degree of proficiency with SAS software and products. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Services

Displaying data geographically provides new insights and helps users understand how results vary across place. If you want to get the most out of your geographic data, look to the variety of spatial analysis and mapping solutions offered by Looking Glass Analytics 

Research and Evaluation

Professionals at Looking Glass Analytics serve as research and evaluation partners in a variety of settings. Our extensive experience in statistical procedures and evaluation methods, combined with an emphasis on the presentation of information, allows our clients to both understand and utilize policy research. 

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