Advanced Data Processing

Looking Glass Analytics carries out data processing projects across a variety of different platforms, programming languages, and database systems. Our technical staff have decades of experience in application development and database design and management. As a SAS-Certified Alliance Partner, we maintain a particularly high-degree of proficiency with SAS software and products. Look to us for:

Database development/design

An effective database solution minimizes data entry, ensures input of valid data, and responds quickly to user queries. Looking Glass Analytics staff are experts in designing database tables and relationships and extracting data using Structured Query Language (SQL).

Translating data from different architectures into a common database format

If you need to create or update an application to enter data, or translate legacy data into a more manageable format, we offer application development and data migration services. The benefits stemming from consolidating data into a manageable system can result in substantial savings to your organization.

Data dictionaries/Metadata

Database documentation typically gets disregarded or overlooked in many projects. When requests to share data or questions about results arise, however, good documentation can prove invaluable. Looking Glass Analytics has developed the MetaData Manager to easily extract, manage and distribute data dictionaries.

From the first keystroke to the final analysis, Looking Glass Analytics provides the services and support to make managing your data project a snap.

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