Geographic Information Services (GIS)

Displaying data geographically provides new insights and helps users understand how results vary across place. If you want to get the most out of your geographic data, look to the variety of spatial analysis and mapping solutions offered by Looking Glass Analytics including:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Using industry-leading software solutions from ESRI, GIS professionals at Looking Glass Analytics combine layers of information about places to create detailed, informative maps. In the process, raw data gets transformed into geographically specific knowledge.

Internet mapping systems

Web-based mapping tools offer an exciting new way for users to think and work geographically. Looking Glass Analytics is a long-established business partner with ESRI, Inc., the world's leading developer of Geographic Information System (GIS) software.  Find out more about how Looking Glass Analytics has successfully employed this technology to deliver interactive mapping capabilities.

Spatial Analysis

Looking Glass Analytics provides statistical analysis of geographic data including thematic mapping, hot-spot identification, cluster analysis, spatial auto-correlation statistics, and surface interpolation.


Looking Glass Analytics also offers geocoding services where address data are translated to a set of geographic coordinates. Using sophisticated routines, we standardize, validate and locate addresses to spatial coordinates, permitting you to aggregate or map your data in countless ways.

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