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In today’s world, it is no secret that businesses and government agencies are under constant pressure to:

  • make timely and informed decisions,
  • track and evaluate the impact of those decisions, and
  • communicate results to managers, field staff, clients, contractors, or the general public.

The ceaseless demand exerts enormous pressure on IT departments to provide analytic support to their organizations in addition to their core competencies of information system development and maintenance.


Looking Glass Analytics offers relief with the Mirror Mirror On Demand™ web services. Clients simply provide us with raw data and we process and transform the data for analytic use.  We then provide a web interface that allows clients to interact with their data, generating pre-formatted topical or management reports or drilling into their data, element by element.  No EXCEL, no expert programming, no mistakes.  Client data can be refreshed as often as required.


Our web-based applications are designed to put the power to transform data into the hands of the people who need it the most, those who use information to make key decisions.

These query and reporting tools provide a window to your database, allowing you to:

  • Generate data queries on demand
  • Produce standard reports
  • Create custom interactive charts and graphs
  • Subset or filter data to answer complex questions
  • Display a variety of summary statistics
  • Access information from any PC with web access 

See examples of LGAN web services at our public sites or read about their development in our case studies.

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