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Unleash the power of your data

We help clients transform their data into useful information and streamline delivery to people who need it.

Areas of Expertise

Criminal Justice

Our staff provides research, analytic, and technical support to a variety of local, state, and federal criminal justice partners. Clients include local police and sheriff’s departments, city and county jails, state corrections agences, local and federal prosecutors, public defenders, district courts, liquor control agencies, and national criminal justice research agencies.

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Public Health

We provide analytic and program support to Federal, State, and Local public health agencies with a variety of products and services, including disease surveillance software, database analysis and reporting, and prevention program support.

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Social and Health Services

Our firm offers a diverse range of products and services to social and health services agencies. The bulk of our work in this domain is developing sophisticated on-line management tools and providing analytic support to behavioral health agencies that oversee, manage, or provide substance abuse or mental health prevention or treatment services.

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Education & Survey Research

Our team maintains expertise in all phases of survey research including: project administration, data collection, sample design, questionnaire development, data analysis, report writing. We also offer an online platform for delivering survey results to the public and/or securely to authenticated users.

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Our Solutions

Interactive Web Services & SaaS

We provide sophisticated decision support, business intelligence, and customized reporting for an entire organization - all via an intuitive, user-friendly web interface which is securely hosted on our private cloud.

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Advanced Data Processing

Our analysts perform data processing projects across a variety of different platforms, programming languages, and database systems.

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Geographic Information Systems

Our GIS specialists offer a variety of spatial analysis and mapping solutions to help clients understand how result vary across locations.

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Research & Evaluation

Professionals at Looking Glass Analytics serve as research and evaluation partners in a variety of settings.

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Our Proud Partners

SAS is the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services.

ESRI® is the leading provider of GIS core technologies worldwide.

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