Problem to Solve

In today’s world, it is no secret that businesses and government agencies are under constant pressure to:

  • make timely and informed decisions,
  • track and evaluate the impact of those decisions, and
  • communicate results to managers, field staff, clients, contractors, or the general public.
The ceaseless demand exerts enormous pressure on IT departments to provide analytic support to their organizations in addition to their core competencies of information system development and maintenance.


Looking Glass Analytics offers relief with our analytic web services. Clients simply provide us with raw data and we process and transform the data for analytic use. We then provide a web interface that allows clients to interact with their data, generating pre-formatted topical or management reports or drilling into their data, element by element. No EXCEL, no expert programming, no mistakes. Client data can be refreshed as often as required.

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Our web-based applications are designed to put the power of data into the hands of the people who need it the most, those who use information to make key decisions.
These query and reporting tools provide a window to your database, allowing you to:

  • Generate data queries on demand
  • Produce pre-formatted management reports or fact sheets
  • Create custom interactive charts and graphs
  • Subset or filter data to answer complex questions
  • Display a variety of summary statistics
  • Access information from any PC with web access

Our web-based SaaS solutions offer:

Increased Productivity

  • Intelligence on Demand - 24/7
  • Easy-to-use & intuitive interfaces
  • Relief for your IT department by hosting the web services in-house

Cost Effectiveness

  • Low Cost, Rapid Deployment
  • Delivered Enterprise-wide
  • Low Risk, Pay-as-you-go, Software-as-a-Service Business Model

Looking Glass Analytics carries out data processing projects across a variety of different platforms, programming languages, and database systems. Our technical staff have decades of experience in application development and database design and management. As a SAS-Certified Alliance Partner, we maintain a particularly high-degree of proficiency with SAS software and products. Look to us for:

Database development / design

An effective database solution minimizes data entry, ensures input of valid data, and responds quickly to user queries. Looking Glass Analytics staff are experts in designing database tables and relationships and extracting data using Structured Query Language (SQL).

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Translating data from different architectures into a common database format

If you need to create or update an application to enter data, or translate legacy data into a more manageable format, we offer application development and data migration services. The benefits stemming from consolidating disparate data into an integrated system can result in substantial savings to your organization.

Data dictionaries / Metadata

Database documentation typically gets disregarded or overlooked in many projects. However, when requests to share data or questions about results arise, good documentation can prove invaluable. Looking Glass Analytics has developed the MetaData Manager to easily extract, manage and distribute data dictionaries.

From the first keystroke to the final analysis, Looking Glass Analytics provides the services and support to make managing your data project a snap.

Displaying data geographically provides new insights and helps users understand how results vary across place. If you want to get the most out of your geographic data, look to the variety of spatial analysis and mapping solutions offered by Looking Glass Analytics including:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Using open source and industry-leading software solutions from ESRI, GIS professionals at Looking Glass Analytics combine layers of information about places to create detailed, informative maps. In the process, raw data gets transformed into geographically specific knowledge.

Internet Mapping Systems

Web-based mapping tools offer an exciting new way for users to think and work geographically. Looking Glass Analytics is a long-established business partner with ESRI, Inc., the world's leading developer of Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Find out more about how Looking Glass Analytics has successfully employed this technology to deliver interactive mapping capabilities.

Spatial Analysis

Looking Glass Analytics provides statistical analysis of geographic data including thematic mapping, hot-spot identification, cluster analysis, spatial auto-correlation statistics, and surface interpolation.

We also support geographic operations analysis such as polygon splitting and data allocation, polygon and data aggregation and distance analysis including road miles and travel time.


Looking Glass Analytics also offers geocoding services where address data are translated to a set of geographic coordinates. Using sophisticated routines, we standardize, validate and locate addresses to spatial coordinates, permitting you to aggregate or map your data in countless ways.

Research & Evaluation

Professionals at Looking Glass Analytics serve as research and evaluation partners in a variety of settings. Our extensive experience in statistical procedures and evaluation methods, combined with an emphasis on the presentation of information, allows our clients to both understand and utilize policy research.
Our research and evaluation services include:

  • data analysis and report writing
  • program evaluation
  • program needs assessments
  • survey design, implementation

Staff at Looking Glass Analytics have successfully completed research studies in the areas of criminal justice, chemical dependency, K-12 education, public health and social services.